PostWhat If They Don’t Want Empowerment?

What if they don't want empowerment?


Very often, we see empowerment as the solution to our business problems. After all, if employees have the power to directly control the outcome of  a process or project, then the motivation will come through their direct involvement. Set the conditions for people to be motivated, and they will motivate themselves.

When this doesn’t work, we usually say that upper management really never intended to empower their workforce, and this is seen as being the root cause of why the initiative didn’t work.

What if the employees don’t want to be empowered?

The quick fix is to replace the current workforce with one who craves for autonomy and mastery, but within this solution lies the source of the problem. Do we know why the employees react the way they do? Especially within certain western societies, there is a close association between the individual and empowerment. Have you ever considered that the problem starts with the definition?

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