PostAgile For the Rest of Us Crowdfunding Initiative


The Agile For the Rest of Us Course is wicked

Why do I say this?

When we have projects where we don’t know what the results are really going to look like, we start with some sort of basic premise, but chances are the end results will look a lot different than we originally thought. We just don’t know what we don’t know, and this normal.

This is precisely the reason why agile has gained in popularity. Instead of living with false security in thinking that, by planning the unplannable, we can control the results. I’m afraid this does not depict reality.

The goal of this course is to cover an area of agile that hasn’t really appeared so far. Many of us follow the doctrinate path. These are the rules. The reason we fail is because we’re not disciplined enough and are surprised when we still fail.

Knowing that we cannot control nature also means that we are not capable of looking and situations from all possible angles.

This is why diversity rules!

So does co-creation!

Precisely for these reasons, I have decided to base the creation of the Agile For the Rest of Us course on crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.

Crowdsourcing, because the cumulative is far superior that the collection of the individuals involved

Crowdfunding, because small contributions from a number of people are much easier, and powerful, than big contributors

Just ask Bernie Sanders….

I have created three packages, and they are….


Video Only – You just want the finished product and want to profit from the collective effort. Price – EUR49,00. For this price, you have access to all vidoes prior to the official release as well as any updates afterwards.

Full Package – Here, you will be directly involved in putting the course together. Together, we will cover all the impediments tied to deploying agile, and  your contributions will become reality. Of  course, you will have access forever. Price – EUR99,00.

System Access – With this package, not only do you get everything included in the agile full package, but you have access to all courses. You will receive immediate access to the Business Analysis Compendium, but later on to the other courses we have in the pipeline.

Solution Proposition Structure

Essentials of Portfolio Management

Introduction to Corporate Training Management

Introduction to Corporate Governance

Business Preparation for a Cloud Deployment

Introduction to Document Management

Introduction to FINTECH

Once we progress with these other courses, we would love for you to take a part in the co-creation as well!

Price – EUR299,00

If you know anyone else who might be interested in participating, it would be great if you can pass the message on.

Thanks a lot!