CourseBusiness Preparation for a Cloud Deployment

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One of the biggest subjects I hear about from virtually all companies I talk to these days concerns the dilemma posed by a multi-device, multi-platform world. Now, throw the possibilities tied to the internet of things in for good measure, and you end up with quite a challenge.

So, let’s say you’re coming from the business side. OK, you’re not technology shy, but you wisely decide to leave all things tied to IT to the experts. Wise choice, but there is still a big disconnect. Why? IT can tell you what your options are, but they can’t tell you what’s best for your business. After all, would you tell them what’s best for their infrastructure, or their network, or how to set up their systems architecture?

Thought so. Then one day, your company hires a new CIO who understands something about the business. Welcome to the 21st century! But then, reality raises its ugly head. As good as the CIO understands business concepts, there is one thing they are never going to know as good as you do, and that’s YOUR business and where you want to take it.

This course on cloud deployment starts with basic principles all tied to your current situation. So you think everything is going to work exactly the same when you’re in the cloud? Wrong!

Looks like you need to make some decisions. Here we look at the decisions you will most-likely be confronted with…and best practice in how to deal with them.

So, you made your decision and have fastened your seat belt to take that journey to the cloud. WHAT? It’s not plug and play? Here, we describe to you the preparation you need to make that could deployment a success – based on YOUR objectives.

Great. We’re in the cloud. But is it bringing me what I expected? How do I measure this? We show you how.

So, can you imagine such a trip being worth your while? Then come join us.

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