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This term, Portfolio Management, is another one of those terms that can mean something a bit different, depending on the sector you’re occupied in, but one thing is for sure, there is a big trend within organizations that are trying to better manage their strategic objectives and need a way to manage the following challenges

What initiatives bring us the most benefit? Does anything stay still? Here the organizations are involved in a non-stop exercise which compels them to at least stay a little bit ahead of market forces. The fact is that the benefits you envisioned can have the same value as yesterday’s newspaper. Somebody needs to validate that the perceived benefits are still valid….and being realized.

So we’ve changed our strategic objectives. Are they actually being executed? Who’s supposed to follow up on this? If there is no follow-up, there is a good chance that you’ve changed your objectives, and you have forces within your organization who are subverting them every day. They’re not doing this on purpose, at least for the most part, but nobody took charge with alignment, so it just didn’t happen. What about suppliers? Has anyone instructed them? I thought so.

So there are a whole slew of demands that pass through the organization constantly, and there are never enough resources to go around. So who sets the priority? How do we ensure we’re still in line with our objectives?

Welcome to the world of Portfolio Management, and I think you can understand better now why this profession is on the uptake.

In this course on Portfolio Management, we start with the basics. Vison, Mission, Strategy, and how we make it happen. Don’t forget the business case. What about our decision process. This is where we start.

So what is a portfolio, and how is it managed? What frameworks do you have at your disposal? What methods work best?

We move onto demand management. What kind of demands does the organization generate? What methods are used there? How do we make our judgement? We’ll show you how.

So we’ve decided what initiatives have priority, but are we capable, and do we even have the capacity? Here we look at how we assess our resources, finance and assets, and how does this all fall in line with overall feasibility?

So we have our decision criteria down pat, are we done? Governance, traceability and performance management have to be some of the most important tasks to be found within portfolio management. Here we go into detail what all these elements entail, how you go about it, and how you ensure you’re on track. All part of the program.

Lastly, we look at portfolio management and the organization. We all have different roles we perform, so how does portfolio management fit into the grand scheme of things? What status can it have within the organization? What status should it have? We cover all of this here.

So hop on board. We look forward to seeing you there.

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